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Here is where the creative process begins. Sunrise Layer is part of the Cosmos Ecosystem ($ATOM). After exploring the ecosystem, I identified the use of gradients, 3D illustrations, and unique typographies. This process supports me in creating all branding and web design needs for the release.

Brand Creative Process


Explore and surfing on internet looking for new sources of inspiration shall be mandotory in any creative process.


The company does not want to make very detailed and obvious the use of an ellipse as sun or water as waves. I created around 10-20 proposals crafting SUNRISE brand.

Brand Design

This is the logo appproved and ready to use. The brand book contains Typography, colors,Max and Min Size and some social media cover arts.

Product Needs

Responsive Design

3D Illustrations

Connect Wallet

Airdrop Experience

Sunrisa Laptop

Sunrise Layer

Web Design Modular Blockchain

We collaborate actively in creating the landing page, illustrations, and brand. I provided all the necessary elements for the project to launch and go to market.

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Sunrise Process
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“Ask for feedback”




“Ask for feedback”