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Product Vision

Gluon Yield Protocol is a new Yield Tokenization protocol for everyone. Earn and trade different assets. This DeFi platform is part of the Cosmos ecosystem ($ATOM), formerly known in the past as UnUnifi and led by Yu and Takeru. I supported the team's vision to craft a user-friendly DeFi protocol.

New Brand Identity DeFi Protocol

Create Brand Book guidelines

Create Landing Page

Create Learning Hub

Create DeFi Protocol UX/UI Design

Create Social Media material

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Research DeFi

In our market exploration, we followed and studied several protocols and competitors. The team ultimately selected Pendle Finance as the primary reference product to draw inspiration from.


UX | Product Design

The protocol allows users to earn and trade, and we have also designed a comprehensive learning module to educate users about DeFi and Tokenization


Design System

Preparing for the future, I've developed the initial Gluon Kit Design, featuring main components like buttons, typography, deposit and withdrawal modals, and more.