Gluon Protocol

Gluon Concept

Gluon Protocol is an asset management platform for users who would like to stake, earn, or trade their assets. I have developed a comprehensive interactive Learning Hub to support and simplify the interaction with Gluon for new users. Stake or trade your $ATOM on Gluon, an aggregator protocol running on the Sunrise Blockchain.

Needs & Process

The company is looking for a whole product creation and re branding. The process to achieve this was not linear but it let us to created a modern and intuitive DeFi Protocol. These are the deliverables for Gluon project.

Logo & Brand book | Landing Page | Ux DeFi Protocol | Design System

Logo Creation


new DeFi protocol running over the modular sunrise blockchain. I explore different ecosystem to gain inspiration and gather some nice to have insights


All your DeFi solutions. As Gluon is running over the modular Sunrise blockchain, I tried to communicate a tech brand where people could find everything. Explore Learning hub

Brand Design

This is the result of the creative logo design process. Once created I have to start thinking about the landing page and whole DeFI protocol that enable user trade & earn.

Double Banner Gluon
Max Size Gluon Protocol

Landin Page

Customize and dedicate a landing page to the Gluon Protocol, where I aim to highlight the finest visual design and creative illustrations. The Learning Hub offers a unique experience in web3.

Gluon protocol blockchain

Trade & Earn Gluon protocol

unique interactive learning hub

In this module, I developed a dedicated and streamlined interaction to grant users more freedom as they navigate through the various levels of the guide

Learning Hub Gluon
Education Gluon Advance

Gluon Protocol

IxD Learning hub

A dedicated learning hub for users to explore and learn how to interact with the protocol. This interaction supports mobile devices, envisioning users using the protocol on their laptop while learning from their phone.

Responsive Design
Modal IxD Menu
IxD Menu 1

Interaction design

Fast navigation

To facilitate quicker navigation within the guide’s levels, I implemented an action to expand all level information, allowing users to navigate more easily and freely.

Mobile Design

Design Decision

The purpose of this menu is to empower users to explore in their own way. With this interaction, users can move forward or backward more quickly.

Expande Menu

DeFi Protocol

A DeFi protocol for everyone. Earn and trade with your assets within the Cosmos $ATOM ecosystem.

UX Design

A unique experience focused on providing everything users need to interact with the DeFi protocol.

Visual Design

We create a minimal and stylish look and feel in Gluon. The modern aspect of Gluon is inspired by the latest design trends.



The purpose of this menu is to empower users to explore in their own way. With this interaction, users can move forward or backward more quickly.

ZapIn Gluon
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Trade Gluon