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Web3 User experience design Dashboard. Point Networkj

Web3 Browser

Point Network Web3 Browser An implementation of decentralized internet, also known as “web 3.0”. It is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network designed to make the internet more secure, private, decentralized, and more.

Design Process

The product aimed to enhance the look and feel of the entire dashboard. To begin, I conducted a benchmark to identify our main reference for style. Once we approved the main reference, we created hi-fi wireframes. In this opportunity, I was in charge of all design needs.

Point Behind 45

Bench Market

Wireframes 1 1


Dash ThemeB

Visual Design

Wallet 15


UX Architecture

Wireframes are a visual representation or blueprint of a website, mobile app, or other digital product. They are used to outline the layout, structure, and functionality of the product in a simple and clear way, without getting bogged down in details such as color schemes or images.

Wireframes 1 1
Welcome Screen

Visual Design

Enjoy the final result of the Point Network dashboard, where we crafted and created a stunning visual design. This helps the product attract new users and complete tasks faster.

web3 browser
Secret Phrase
LogIn D
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This documentation can help ensure that products have a consistent look and feel across all platforms .

Design System

A single source of truth for all design assets and guidelines

This tool is a system library of reusable components. guidelines and documentation that helps endeineers and designers create consistent and scalable products

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Design system can help make it easier to scale product development as a company growths and innovate.

Design system help us to create themes easily : Light Mode

Dashboard LightMode

Design system help us to create themes easily : Dartk Mode

Blockchain Dashboard Web3 Browse / Wallet

Wallet Process

Wallet 1st Iteration

Wallet 16

Wallet 2nd Iteration

Wallet 17

Wallet 3rd Iteration

Wallet 18

Final Design

Wallet 15

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