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Why I use DS?

In late 2018, when Sketch and symbols were considered the best tools for product creation, I came to understand the importance of a design system when designing a multi-platform product.

Creating XENA, we made many mistakes that taught me the importance of pixels within a screen. It shows why it's worth spending time on product strategy and thinking, utilizing atomic design to create, develop, and iterate the product simply and faster.

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After those lessons, I like to simplify the future following a design process by utilizing sketching on paper and flow charts to understand robust products that let me to create strong components and visual identity. A design system is the last source of truth; it's where all participants should resolve their doubts.

Blockchain DeFi protocol design system
creator | WEB3

Gluon DS

DWELL DesignSystem
collaborator | Google Huge INC


Bard AI chatbot design system

Bard AI

Algorand Crypto wallet design system blockchain
Creator | Web3

Blue Lagoon

Atomic Design, Concept Faster


+5 years working with figma

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